Countdown Lakeland Football Jr. Varsity Vs NV-Old Tappan (Game Away)

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Lakeland Lancers Friday Night News 12 Feature
Coaches Weigels Ice Bucket
ANNOUNCEMENT: Lancers Online Woman's and Men's Store Open Until Order until December 1st, 2014 -
Author: Lakeland 5th Quarter Club
Lancers Online Woman's and Men's  Store Open Until Order until December1st, 2014 - Men's store will reopen very soon !!!
Lakeland Lancers Recent Football Mania Winners Circle
Author: Lakeland 5th Quarter Club
Week 1     Robert Cella          Won $25         Ticket sold by Rossi Week 2     Merilyn Avial      
Lakeland Lancers News 12 Friday Night Lights
Author: Lakeland 5th Quarter Club
Hello Players & Parents, Our Lakeland Lancers Friday Night Lights on News 12 New Jersey !!!!! The video clip is available right below our Lakeland Lancer photo gallery on the home page
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