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ANNOUNCEMENT: 2018 Game Day Ads and Booster Request
Good Evening- The booster and full ad request form for our Game Book is under Important Pages section to the left. Please make note that the deadline for submission is September 1st, and no exceptions can be made after this date due to printing deadl
ANNOUNCEMENT: Car Wash and Family Tailgate
The football car wash will take place after practice on  Saturday, August 18th from 11-2 pm at Lakeland High School.  All grades are to report for the entire session, this is a mandatory participation. Your player should bring 1 towel and w
Playoff Bracket
Author: Darren Cooper and Chris Iseman, Staff Writers
North 1, Group 2 Pairings: No. 8 Ramsey at No. 1 Westwood; No. 5 Pequannock at No. 4 Newton; No. 7 Mahwah at No. 2 Lakeland; No. 6 Waldwick/Midland Park at No. 3 Manchester.  The favorite: This is going to be the toughest section to
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