Countdown Lakeland Football Jr. Football Camp June 30th

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ANNOUNCEMENT: 2015 LakeLand Lancers Jr. Football Camp June 30th - July 1st
Author: LakeLand Lancers 5th Quarter Club
Hello Parents & Players, It's that time of year to sign up your child for the 2015 Jr. football camp for 2015. On the menu page of this website you will see the brochure and heath form which can be printed and downloaded for submission. 
Lakeland Lancers Jr. Football Camp 2015
Author: Lakeland 5th Quarter Club
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LakeLand Lancers Sports No Contact Summer Vacation Dates July 25th - August 2nd 2015
Author: Lakeland 5th Quarter Club
Hello Players & Parents, The 2015 summer sports vacation schedule has been set for July 25th through August 2nd. Enjoy and see you back for regular practice on Monday August 3rd 2015. 
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