Countdown Lancers Apparel Store Open

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Coaches Weigels Ice Bucket
ANNOUNCEMENT: Lakeland Football Beefsteak 9/13/14 7PM
Author: Lakeland Football 5th Quarter Club
Good Morning, I hope everyone enjoyed another beautiful weekend!   The Lakeland Football Beefsteak is only 3 weeks away, it's a great night out that you can enjoy with your friends and family.  Tickets are on sale now a flyer is attache
ANNOUNCEMENT: LakeLand Lancers Apparel Store Open Until 9/2/14
Author: Lakeland 5th Quarter Club
Hello Players & Parents, The LRHS online store is officially open until 9/2/14 for your Lakeland football gear for the new 2014 fall season!!!!!!
Lakeland Lancers 2014 HS Football Players Headed To Play In College This Fall 2014 Season
Author: Lakeland Football 5th Quarter Club
.Hello All, We have 3 guys going on to play at college football next year Our guys moving on to play college football are: 1.  #7  QB Adam Wallerstein will be attending HOBART College in NY.   2.  #24  WR/DB St
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